The first U.S. business incubator appeared in the 1950's and there are many variations within this model ranging from non-profit SBA/SCORE to BunkerLabs. Others are wildly profitable, narrowly defined and even age restrictive like Y-Combinator while others try to achieve results from a "be all end all" agenda. NYXops, conceptualized for decades, was initially launched in 2009 but closed it's doors as the founder was not in a position to execute on his widely advertised and promoted idea. From the onset it was an exceedingly narrowly defined renegade model that hopes the unorthodox methods will resonate with the audience and achieve equally stunning results.

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Exclusive Community

Not every operator will qualify as a member, not every volunteer will qualify as an adviser and not everyone will qualify as a donor. The idea behind triple vetting is to ensure that all operators, advisers and donors are like minded highly motivated professionals that share the common core required to make this incubator and all of its members successful. In this group being a solid player is the core, not only should you see yourself that way but others will have to agree that you are indeed "the real deal". The primary reason for working with authentic people with true and transparent motive is that we won't be wasting each others precious time and the success will be shared with people genuinely happy for your achievement .

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Finances & Mission

My original goal was to live off my retirement and volunteer my time to build NYXops. I've since come to believe that to achieve the desired results, without wasting time, I need to hire talented people at industry commensurate wages. Our budget is modest and our teams small as we leverage our combined ecosystems. Our anticipated 2017 budget is US$500K as we launch initial services via a virtual portal and six incubated businesses. Physical facilities will be on a sperate budget and achieved as soon as funding allows. 2018 will essentially be the first fully operational year where our 2017 Group will host 8 Talent Accelerator Programs (TAP seminars) and launch 6-8 new ventures.

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Evolutionary || Balanced

I'm naturally suspicious of anyone that has all the answers so the NYXops program will continually consult with industry thought leaders and our members (operators, advisers & donors) to ensure the program is achieving the optimum outcome.

triple vetted || core strength.

There are organizations with a singular volume, revenue, membership matrix approach.
We're not that; Our objective is to make good people great. How do we define good? Well, that's up to the membership as a group. How do we define great? Well, we leave that up to each individual member.

donor funded || member dependent

With over 1.5million Non-Profits in the United States it would be silly for an organization with our core values to go hat in hand every year pleading for our existence. If we are to be true champions of self reliance then this organization will owe it's inception to the generosity of it's donors but it's legacy to the success of it's members. NYXops will always hold non-dilute-able shares in the incubated companies to achieve a revenue stream to aid with self sufficiency.