Grant Givers

Grant Givers have an opportunity to shape the ultimate direction of the foundation by taking a role on either the executive or the advisory board. We're hiring both CFRE and Grant Writing professionals as we're looking for a grant to prime the pump. A grant would accelerate our ability to seed the first series of innovative companies that in time will help the foundation achieve financial self sufficiency.

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Donations large and small are required and desired. Many of our members have been been compare to a sheep dog with the tenacity of a wolf. Ironically that means we're far more comfortable giving than receiving. To show our appreciation for all donations over $50 we'll send the donors a gift. We're not certain yet what it will be but we'll have that sorted before the donation site is set up.

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Finances & Mission

Our budget is modest and our teams small as we leverage our combined ecosystems. Our anticipated 2017 budget is US$500K as we launch initial services via a virtual portal and six incubated businesses. Physical facilities will be on a sperate budget and achieved as soon as funding allows. 2018 will essentially be the first fully operational year where our 2017 Group will host 8 Talent Accelerator Programs (TAP seminars) and launch 6-8 new ventures.

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Donations || Frugality

The members of the NYX foundation are effective, efficient and resourceful; we're frugal. Yes it would be nice to get a big Grant or Donation but we'll make it work with whatever we can get. Whether it takes triple the time and double the money or double the money and triple the time we'll persevere.

give || take

Yes the foundation needs money to achieve it's mission but at the same time it has the obligation to give. Part of our budget will be used to provide the membership no interest loans so that they'll be able to use their earned GI-Bill or to support other synergistic charities.

donor funded || member dependent

With over 1.5million Non-Profits in the United States it would be silly for an organization with our core values to go hat in hand every year pleading for our existence. If we are to be true champions of self reliance then this organization will owe it's inception to the generosity of it's donors but it's legacy to the success of it's members. NYXops will always hold non-dilute-able shares in the incubated companies to achieve a revenue stream to aid with self sufficiency.