In almost every combat operation I've been involved with there was always chaos because of deteriorated or failed communications. As a result I'm big on having an OPEN comm channel. Till NYXops has the resources for a more robust and effective comm suite we'll be using as our closed network to keep all members (talent, donors and advisers) engaged and informed.

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Getting Together

We're all busy people and life is pulling at us in all directions. To make our interaction more effective we'll try to combine "link ups" with other popular events like ShotShow, HAI, SOFEX, SOFIC, CES or where ever the membership suggests on the NYXlink Forum.

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prismXKB is a competency and behavior assessment APP that will be used extensively inside of NYXops. From the initial recruiting and vetting of members (operators, advisers and donors) to the development of the teams launching ventures inside the incubator. Meaningful and actionable data will ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their best.

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been there || done that

If I had a hundred dollars for every million dollar opportunity that I failed to champion to a successful exit I'd have a million dollars. I joined the military on my 17th Birthday, was an 18 year old stock broker, a 19 year old pilot, a 20 year old aircraft commander (PIC) and a 21 year old millionaire but I was an Entrepreneur long before all that. During my life I've done a lot, made a lot and lost even more. My partners have kept the businesses running while I served another decade+ in CSAR. I don't have all the answers and can't circumvent the challenges but I'm "all in" for re-sourcing my brothers on their journeys.

person |to| person

If you're a potential donor or grant giver it might be wise to meet to ensure our program meets your giving criteria.
If you're a prospective operator or adviser you can initiate the vetting process by contacting me via linkedIN or email. I'm open to meeting especially if your location and schedule aligns. If you'd like to get onboard for the "race to accel" launch fundraiser please contact us ASAP as this is time sensitive.

other || non-profits

if you represent a synergistic foundation or non-profit we encourage you to reach out to NYXops. Part of our program includes purposeful working vacations, like the outreach work we did with RHINO911, and our members might be interested in helping you. In some cases NYXops will even pick up part of our members expenses. NYXops may be closed network for triple vetted operators but we are open minded to all who genuinely "do good". Please note we are not Donors.