The Adviser

The adviser perhaps has the most important role inside the NYX foundation. Just like any instructor you'll be responsible for providing the right advice at the right time. "First learned, best remembered" but unfortunately business is not as black and white as deal with machines. The expectation is that the adviser is a subject matter expert with real-world experience. Over time you'll become an integral and respected member of the team which will require mentally resilience and physically fitness. Physically fit because we are not just teaching seminars in a class room, we will be out doing crazy things to challenge the team and to illustrate/reinforce concepts. Mentally resilient as things won't always go as planned and the members unvarnished communication style will not always be pleasant since not everyone or everything will be successful right away.

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The Challenge

Business Incubators exist; everything from HBO's SiValley Pied-Piper styled operations to wildly successful YCombinator. The success of each is that they understood their audience and leverage the strengths and weaknesses. At the NYX foundation every member (talent & adviser) will use prismXKB to provide actionable competency and behavior feedback. Our research shows that most people fail to achieve their personal success because their managers, mentors, coaches or advisers fail to provide quantifiable and actionable feedback. By understanding our audience we will have greater success in building teams of corporate leaders that will do well in any corporate setting. We also hope to use the competency and behavior app to identify those most likely to succeed in building the various start-ups that will be incubated by the NYX foundation to ensure that the foundation eventual achieves its goal of financial independence and sustainable self sufficiency. The adviser, whether retired corporate executive, recent MBA graduate or successful drop-out entrepreneur, has tremendous impact on all the members.

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The Reward

Personal Satisfaction is as different as people themselves. Personal Satisfaction is often not adequate compensation for hard work. As with all non-profits we relay to some degree on the generosity of our non-paid volunteers. We consider the volunteers contribution of time as an in-kind donation and will track their annual contributions and issue an IRS form 8283 (noncash charitable contributions). We will use the previous years contributions to create a budget for future compensation. So for example; give us one year as a volunteer and based on that contribution we'll make you an offer for continuing into year two as paid adviser. Our vetted operators understand that the world owes them nothing and that people helping them need to be compensated for their time. We've been on the short end of the stick often as we served our Nation so the last thing we want to do is put others in that position, but as we get started with nothing we need people to be generous with their time and money.

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Advisor || Coach

You name the professional athlete and I'll show you a successful person that still requires a coach. In the military, if we were lucky, we had a mentor. Hopefully it was an unofficial relationship between a senior and junior member who saw something in one another and that mutual respect resulted in the sharing of information. The beauty of that is that the senior member gets to grow as an individual while the junior member gets to accelerate his professional development. Usually the "official" mentor programs lack the synergy required to make the relationship sympatico.

triple vetted || sympatico

In this organization everyone is likely to be competent and confident. Just knowing you are awesome is not enough as NYX foundation has a vetting process that ensures your peers also think you're awesome. The idea with closed network is to create early online interaction to see who is sympatico with whom. This will allow us to first build digital team before investing the capital to bring people together for the Talent Accelerator Program (TAP business boot camps). At the same time the advisers can either tailor their instructional content or bring aboard another adviser that may be better suited for the topic or person.

Giving || Getting

The world is give and take. The NYXfoundation is built on the idea that the more you give the more you'll have later to take. Imagine a world where the bulk of your friends are successful beyond their wildest imagination. The way to achieve that crazy fantasy is to give more than you expect to take. Help always and Help often. If a great opportunity comes your way and you are not able to take advantage of that opportunity simply go out of your way to make that opportunity available to a friend or ally that will be successful in that opportunity. Before you know it you'll have successful friends and hopefully some will remember who helped put them on that path. Certainly they'll get busy at times and it may look like they are not returning the love, but be patient and not jealous. In time what is right will triumph over what is wrong. Keep building relationships (networking), keep helping and keep on being professional and kind. Eventually you'll cross paths with someone who will say "hey, this is a great opportunity for you .. I'd love to do it myself but right now is not a good time for me". Trust the process; help us today and be amazed at how this activity will circle back to help you later.